02 4 / 2011

Clean Clock is Really Rad

I’ve just uploaded Clean Clock to the android market, and I hope everyone is excited about this as I am. How often do you look at your phone to check the time? Do you know how much easier this is when the font is silly, massive and likely colourful? This is how you can buy me a cup of coffee, too. Check it out. 


20 3 / 2011

Android Gyroscope Compatibility

The Gyroscope Rotate application was published in order to figure out a few things:

  • How many people are looking for Gyroscope specific applications
  • Which phones had gyroscopes
  • How good is Android’s gyroscope device support.

I’ve set up a survey to collect user’s feedback on how well Gyroscope Rotate works on their phones, and will be publishing a summary of the results here.

If you’ve used the app, please fill out the survey! If you want to see the raw survey results, check ‘em out.

12 3 / 2011

Gyroscope Rotate

I’ve just put Gyroscope Rotate on the market and I think everyone with a Nexus S ought’a download it. It’s the first app on the android market that exclusively takes advantage of the gyroscope in phones.

You can find it on the Android market or download directly using the QR Code below:

Gyroscope Rotate QR